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Brogo Permaculture Gardens

John offers a  permaculture consultancy service that involves a visit to your property where he conducts an analysis from a Permaculture perspective, depending on your individual needs.

A permaculture consultancy gives you a new perspective on what is possible on your land.

The process of the visit is in 4 parts…


  1. Prior to John’s visit, client to prepare brief and  if available a topographic map of the property and/or property details and history
  2. John’s visit- Initial discussion related to the clients brief  and development of a sector analysis
  3.  Property walk with a client. Any specific needs are identified.
  4. Discussion between John and client formulating design options either verbally or through rough sketches.

This  permaculture consultancy  usually takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the property and could save you literally thousands of dollars in costly mistakes by not getting it done right the first time

Courses they offer:

Permaculture Design Course
Introduction to Permaculture
Permaculture Teacher Training

To Contact them:

397 Hawkshead Rd,
Brogo NSW Australia
+61 2 64927306

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