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Very Edible Gardens

Very Edible Gardens PTY LTD (VEG) is a Melbourne (of the Australian persuasion) based permaculture design consultancy, directed by Dan Palmer and Adam Grubb. We were co-founders of the permablitz network, which is a volunteer backyard makeover network, and that’s mostly where we earned our stripes in garden design. As VEG, besides designing, we run workshops, build gardens, and write related books and blogs, do some radio — things you can check out on our sister project page.

A little history

In 2006 Dan was a successful academic in philosophy with two book deals and a teaching job in New York. Adam was running the most popular website on the net about global energy depletion.

We’d each been raised in families that practised a lot of self-reliance, but in our own ways, we’d each lost sight of it. Heck, Adam was pretty much half-computer.  And we each had a desire to be doing something more tangible.

Independently we enrolled at a two-week Permaculture Design Course with the late permaculture godfather Bill Mollison in 2005. For Adam, permaculture was the perfect antidote to his concerns about a future of less resources. For Dan, it was enough of a kick in the behind to give up his university philosophy job and book deals!

Courses they offer:

Short Courses:

Edible Weeds Walks
Beginners Guide to Chickens
Meet Your Garden Life (and Organic Pest Control)
Know Thy Soil: Practical Soils Workshop for Gardeners
Drought Proofing Your Garden
Beginners Guide to Compost and Worms

Longer Courses:

An Introduction to Urban Permaculture
Viva la Ferment Fever: Wild Fermentation and Raw Foods for Your Health
VEG Intro to Organic Gardening
VEG Green Business Incubator
Permaculture Design Course

To Contact them:

1A Fallon St
Brunswick, Vic

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