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Zaytuna Farms

Zaytuna Farm is a highly active Permaculture demonstration site.

It is at the forefront of Permaculture Design, displays many permaculture principles and produces an abundance of food and various yields from within its living environment. Zaytuna is a family friendly farm, situated on a sixty-six acre (27 hectares) property that fronts Terania Creek opposite the village of The Channon, Northern NSW. The property contains 800m of creek frontage, numerous swimming holes, and abundant wildlife. The landscape is diverse, covering high frost-free hilltops, ridges, and valleys containing both cleared paddock and forested areas. The farm is under continuous development and with ever-changing and evolving on ground research in practice; work is consistently in progress to develop more efficient and productive systems.

What they offer:

Permaculture Courses

Permaculture Hands-On Experience

Permaculture Design and Consulting

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+61 (0) 416119965

Office Hours (Mon – Fri)


Zaytuna Farm
1158 Pinchin Road
The Channon
NSW 2480


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