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Good Life Permaculture

Good Life Permaculture is based on Mouheneenner Country, Lutruwita (Hobart, Tasmania) at the bottom of Australia.

We’re a permaculture landscape design and education enterprise that creates resilient and regenerative lives and landscapes.

Our approach to life is centered around the concept of radical homemaking. We place our home and community at the core of everything we do in order to create a good life.

We are Hannah Moloney and Anton Vikstrom (and little Frida Maria), plus a talented collection of practitioners – you can read more about us here.

We design: We create permaculture designs for people’s homes, community spaces, schools systems and more.

We teach: We share what we know with others to support them to live abundant, enjoyable and meaningful lives. We also work with some of the best permaculture and sustainability practitioners locally and nationally to make sure our students have nothing short of an awesome experience.

We work with our community: To create and implement projects all about living sustainably and meaningfully.

We live it: There is no separation between our work and lives. We love, believe in, and are committed to, living a truly integrated life; as Penny Livingston Stark says, “we are nature, working.” We are developing our home (slowly) as a demonstration of what’s possible on a small block.

We are always learning: We are firm believers in life-long learning and continuously seek opportunities to expand our skills, knowledge, and ability to grow, inside and out.


What they offer:

Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture Design Course

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To Contact them:

Phone: 0418 307 294

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